5 Ways to Make Extra Cash!

Hey guys! I’m here with a lovely new post. For months I was always looking for ways to make extra cash, and I have always came across the same things, and those things never seemed to work for me. These are 5 ways I’ve made some extra cash, and it’s actually been pretty easy and fun!

  1. Medical Studies. I’ve done a post about Medical Studies before, you can read about them here. But this is my top favorite way to make some extra money! Depending not the study you can make 1,000 to 5,000+. I’ve made $5,000 from one before and it was awesome. Check out that post to read more about them!
  2. Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars. Another way I make a little extra money is go on these sites and do surveys and sign up for offers. I’ve made $25 on Swagbucks, and $15 on Inbox Dollars, and i’ve only been on both for a couple weeks! You won’t make a living on these, but with my job when I work overnights I fire up my hot spot and use that to do some surveys! 
  3. Donate Plasma. Plasma is a super easy way to make some extra cash if you are able to, check out the requirements here. All you are doing is just like donating blood, you are donating Plasma instead. While making some money, you are also helping people in need.
  4. Ibotta, Check out 51, etc. With this one you have to spend money to make money, but it’s still worthy of being on this list. It’s awesome because you use these apps when you are going out to buy some food, and many more things! Even if it’s a few cents back, it all adds up!
  5. Selling things you don’t need or use anymore. This is another favorite. I change through things all the time, with clothes I don’t like or just things in my room that I need to refresh. Go ahead and sell these things on Facebook groups, or craigslist! Theres also things like Poshmark and such, but i’m not a big fan of those because i try to not ship things. You get the money way quicker this way also! 

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