I'm Engaged!

This is more than likely going to be my favorite post of the whole year.

I'm engaged. 

Now comes the wedding planning that I'm so excited for! I'm a super planner so I will get every single detail down. Get ready for a wedding planning series! 

Enjoy the rest of your Monday. 

November Goals.

Long time, no see. It's pretty difficult to make posts while in a house that has no internet. But here I am finally using my hotspot on my phone to make a post. I wanted to take a second before I went to sleep and write out what my goals are for November. This year has gone by so fast, and even though I have made a shit ton of memories, I feel as if I've also wasted a lot of time that could have been used towards my photography, YouTube, or even this blog.  Honestly, I was lazy as I ever have been in my life. I let myself go, and mostly it's because I finally let my anxiety and my depression take over my life completely.

I was always the person that was depressed behind the scenes. I didn't like to show others that I was depressed so I kept it together, kept myself together actually. But this year I have just become a big ole' emotional mess. I'm happy and sad at the same time that I'm finally realizing what has been going on. I want to set some goals for myself, I feel as if I post them on here I'm more likely to stick to them because they are on the internet forever and I don't want to look like a dumbass.

Goal #1.
I want to become more motivated.

Goal #2.
I want to set up a plan for this blog and for YouTube that certain days I will post about a topic, or whatever like that.

Goal #3.
EAT WAYYYYY HEALTHIER. I need to lay off of those honey buns fo sho.

Goal #4.
Actually start dressing up again, the whole sweat pants and t-shirt thing is getting old.

Goal #5.
Start reading again.

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