About me

Hi, there! I'm Hannah, a 20-year-old blogger from the midwest.

I'm a photographer, a blogger, a crazy cat lady, and also a future wife to my best friend. You can find me most days on Pinterest trying to figure out my next life goal, or have a dance party to Jesse McCartney (still hot, though.) My life has been a crazy ride, but I love to take that crazy ride and inspire others. I'm just another person in this world trying to find their way, but I have you guys to come along with me.

I love everything to do with fashion, music, video games, makeup, and homes. This blog features some of my favorite makeup products, my finds from the sale rack, how I inspire to one day buy a fixer-upper and turn it into something wonderful, life stories, and articles to inspire you to be the person you are. 

✖︎ I'm getting married soon!
✖︎ I'm rebranding this blog.
✖︎ I'm taking a break from Photography.
✖︎ I love all of you. 

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