A Fresh Start.

It's funny how you have things planned out, and thats not how it happens. I had a few blog posts in my drafts that I am supposed to work on first, but eh, things happen and here's a post that isn't in the plan. I'm going to jump straight to the point. I've started a gofundme.

I feel bad even starting one in the first place, so anyone planning on leaving a negative comment; peace sign emoji out.

But, really, I know there is other gofundme's out there that need it way more than me. But i'm so passionate about my future mental health, and others, that I decided to do this. It's something that really means a lot to me. Whatever I don't use out of the money I want to donate to help others with their anxiety, and depression. Plus, if it goes over the goal, no matter what I will use that to donate. Now, I'm going to shut up and I'm going to a part of my bio from the gofundme on this post.

"I want to start making vlogs of my life to help people just like me to see that it's okay that this happens. You're not alone. To show the good times, and the bad, but mostly good to show others including myself; that there is so much to life to be happy about. You have to think of the little stuff, and I want to catch that little stuff on camera.

How this money that you donate, even if it's $5, will be used is to get better equipment to shoot these videos in high quality film-style to catch those little moments in a beautiful way. It's known that more high quality videos get more views on YouTube, and I would like to reach as many people as possible with this. 

Any extra money that I do not use, or any extra money donated will go towards ADAA (anxiety and depression assoication of america) to help the fight to end this. Also I would love to send everyone a thank you note for helping out!"

So there it is guys, if you would check it out that would be awesome. Here's the link to it, once again. If you aren't able to donate, sharing means the same to me. Thank you guys so much. 

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