I'm Engaged!

This is more than likely going to be my favorite post of the whole year.

I'm engaged. 

Now comes the wedding planning that I'm so excited for! I'm a super planner so I will get every single detail down. Get ready for a wedding planning series! 

Enjoy the rest of your Monday. 

November Goals.

Long time, no see. It's pretty difficult to make posts while in a house that has no internet. But here I am finally using my hotspot on my phone to make a post. I wanted to take a second before I went to sleep and write out what my goals are for November. This year has gone by so fast, and even though I have made a shit ton of memories, I feel as if I've also wasted a lot of time that could have been used towards my photography, YouTube, or even this blog.  Honestly, I was lazy as I ever have been in my life. I let myself go, and mostly it's because I finally let my anxiety and my depression take over my life completely.

I was always the person that was depressed behind the scenes. I didn't like to show others that I was depressed so I kept it together, kept myself together actually. But this year I have just become a big ole' emotional mess. I'm happy and sad at the same time that I'm finally realizing what has been going on. I want to set some goals for myself, I feel as if I post them on here I'm more likely to stick to them because they are on the internet forever and I don't want to look like a dumbass.

Goal #1.
I want to become more motivated.

Goal #2.
I want to set up a plan for this blog and for YouTube that certain days I will post about a topic, or whatever like that.

Goal #3.
EAT WAYYYYY HEALTHIER. I need to lay off of those honey buns fo sho.

Goal #4.
Actually start dressing up again, the whole sweat pants and t-shirt thing is getting old.

Goal #5.
Start reading again.

Cozy Boudoir Shoot

Kim is one of the best models I've ever shot with. So, when she sent me a Snapchat saying let's get together for a boudoir shoot, I took her up on that offer! This was my very first boudoir shoot, and I'm in love! Enjoy!

Comfy Fall Wear

This is such a comfy fall outfit it's unbelievable. The dress is normally a maxi dress but I tied the ends into knots to add a less formal look to it. Enjoy!

Dress - Forever 21
Cardigan - Aero
Bra - Bebes
Shoes - Catos
Backpack - Steve Madden 

Adorable Fall Maxi!

Long time no see! So, the last time I posted on here, I was moving! Which I have done and it is amazing. I love my home so much it's un real. But, we still haven't got internet here, so that's why I haven't been on here posting so much. I'm getting a lot of posts out and scheduled right now, so watch out for those! Today I'm here with my first fashion post. I'm very excited to start this new chapter on this blog! Enjoy!

Hat - Dollar General, which is crazy to me. This hat was only $8
Dress - Forever 21! I got it for $5
Shoes - Walmart! Which is also very crazy to me. $10. 

This outfit to me proves that you don't always have to shop expensive to look your best, even though It is amazing. 


I have something very very excited to share today on my blog. I’m Moving! Well, just moving houses. I’m staying in my home town but I am moving into my own home (kinda) with my boyfriend Stephen! I wanted to wait till I put the deposit down on the home before I posted on here, but we put it down on Friday & we are both very excited to take this next step in life together. The home is a 3 bedroom duplex, but it has the garage in the middle of the duplex’s so it feels like it’s own home! We both love it very very much and it’s going to be awesome to have our own office space and a big place to roam and do stupid things. Since I’m finally moving It’s going to be easier now to shoot my videos and feel motivated to write which was one of the biggest factors of us moving. I wanted a place that I could make my own, and also film and be me in. So, below are pictures of our new place! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Soon I will actually make a vlog when we move in, so watch out for that house tour!

3 Perfect Model Shoot Outfits!

I've wanted to shoot with Kimber for what seems like forever & a day. Finally, we got the chance to meet up and shoot! These are a few of my favorites from that day, even though there is way more than this! Enjoy!

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