Letter to my 16 year-old self.

Dear Hannah,
You're 16. Wow, you never thought that day would come.
Sorry to break it to you, you don't get a car for your 16th birthday. You also don't get a huge sweet 16 birthday party that you spent years planning (thanks to MTV.)
Instead you spend another day hating yourself, and hiding in your bedroom because you think that will make everything better. You can't figure out where you belong in this world, and you're not good at that whole high school thing like the other people around you are, so you think you're nothing. 
But dear ol' little Hannah, you are something. 
You'll keep falling for any boy that gives you attention because you've never had that before. But then you learn self-love and how great you really are, then a boys attention doesn't make you feel complete anymore. You make yourself feel complete. 
You'll cry a lot because of stress, and the mistakes you make. But one day, you are sitting in front of your laptop and you realize that you haven't cried in a hot minute.
A year later you will start something that turns into a blessing, finally forcing you to open up and meet new people, and travel to wonderful locations. 
But, then you'll learn that even though it was a blessing, it isn't what gets your heart racing, and your mind always thinking. It isn't the love you were looking for.
I know you will think it is your love because people are proud of you, they tell you great things, and how amazing it is that you can click a button. 
But that story is for when I write to 17 year-old you. 
The thing is, how much I want to comfort you and say, "STOP HATING YOURSELF," I'm not going to do that.
You hating yourself.
Your crying.
Your not knowing where you belong,
Has led you to this. 
It gets better. Trust me, I'm you. 
Don't be scared to feel so deeply, it has made you into the amazing person you are because you are able to help others more. One day you're 19 and you wish you had the time to feel that deeply.
The one thing I do ask of you though, is stop forcing yourself to look at colleges and try to figure out what sorority you want to join, because that's not you. Stop watching the people around you, and hoping you were more like them. You are you, and it is so amazing.
You will touch so many peoples lives. You will make the most amazing best friends ever. You will also find what your love is. 
I support you in whatever you do, we make a pretty awesome person. 

I love you, Future You. 

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