My Favorite Finds of the Week!

Hey guys! I hope your Thursday is treating you well.
I finally got my car fixed after it kept freaking out on me. Also I'm going to be spending this day filming for a video tomorrow, and a video with a good friend. 
I thought I would start doing a post where I would talk about my favorite finds of the week, post style! I recently found this cool website that pays you for getting clicks on post, and while most of the post don't look like anything I would be interested in, there is a bunch that I find awesome. So I thought I would share them with you!

I hope you guys liked this short post, and I hope you get the chance to check those out!

My Everyday Makeup Routine!

Hey awesome people of the internet, my new video is out today!
Go check it out if you're wanting to see my everyday makeup routine, and leave some ideas down below!

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I finally got some pictures taken of me!

So being a photographer and all, it's rare for me to go get some actual professional pictures done because I like being behind the camera, or in front of it, only when filming. But I finally got some pictures done and I'm so excited with how they turned out! Check them out. 

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What Is Life?

I have a headache that is crazy awful which is making me think, What is life?
If you came here for something that you thought was going to be deep, you came to the wrong place. 
This is just going to be me writing about what is going on in this lovely life of mine.

1. I finally get to go back to work.
Normally people wouldn't be excited for that, but I freaking am. I get to go back and see my coworkers, I'm getting a raise, and I get to see my client. Which in my eyes is awesome as cake. 

2. I'm getting pictures done this weekend.
Homegurl, has never actually got professional pictures done. Unless we want to count my friends using my camera as pros, then I GUESS you could count that. I'm kinda scared. I'm a very picky person so I'm scared I'll be way to controlling. Oh well.

3. I need to take a break from my computer.
Even though I know this will never happen, I need it to happen because I'm sure my eyeballs are going to fall out soon.

4. I'm looking at getting a new car.
YES. I AM. I'M SO PUMPED. If everything works out as planned, I should hopefully be getting a car by my birthday, which would be a awesome birthday gift to myself.

Well there's some random things happening in my life. It actually made my headache go away to just sit and type, so thats flippin awesome. What's going on in your guys life? Let me know! 

Letter to my 16 year-old self.

Dear Hannah,
You're 16. Wow, you never thought that day would come.
Sorry to break it to you, you don't get a car for your 16th birthday. You also don't get a huge sweet 16 birthday party that you spent years planning (thanks to MTV.)
Instead you spend another day hating yourself, and hiding in your bedroom because you think that will make everything better. You can't figure out where you belong in this world, and you're not good at that whole high school thing like the other people around you are, so you think you're nothing. 
But dear ol' little Hannah, you are something. 
You'll keep falling for any boy that gives you attention because you've never had that before. But then you learn self-love and how great you really are, then a boys attention doesn't make you feel complete anymore. You make yourself feel complete. 
You'll cry a lot because of stress, and the mistakes you make. But one day, you are sitting in front of your laptop and you realize that you haven't cried in a hot minute.
A year later you will start something that turns into a blessing, finally forcing you to open up and meet new people, and travel to wonderful locations. 
But, then you'll learn that even though it was a blessing, it isn't what gets your heart racing, and your mind always thinking. It isn't the love you were looking for.
I know you will think it is your love because people are proud of you, they tell you great things, and how amazing it is that you can click a button. 
But that story is for when I write to 17 year-old you. 
The thing is, how much I want to comfort you and say, "STOP HATING YOURSELF," I'm not going to do that.
You hating yourself.
Your crying.
Your not knowing where you belong,
Has led you to this. 
It gets better. Trust me, I'm you. 
Don't be scared to feel so deeply, it has made you into the amazing person you are because you are able to help others more. One day you're 19 and you wish you had the time to feel that deeply.
The one thing I do ask of you though, is stop forcing yourself to look at colleges and try to figure out what sorority you want to join, because that's not you. Stop watching the people around you, and hoping you were more like them. You are you, and it is so amazing.
You will touch so many peoples lives. You will make the most amazing best friends ever. You will also find what your love is. 
I support you in whatever you do, we make a pretty awesome person. 

I love you, Future You. 

How to style short hair 101

Hey guys! I have a new video that I put out yesterday! This is a funny video that is about what I go through when I'm going to style my hair. Enjoy!
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Some AWESOME News!

Good morning pretty cool people of the internet!
Thanks for stopping by my little corner where I share some random things that go on in my life, also give you tips and tricks about random things! 
If you're new here, my name is Hannah, I'm 19 years old and from a super small town.
I also make videos on the internet. Yeah, it's pretty cool. 
As of the other day I am now partnered with AwesomenessTv, and I'm so pumped! 
I can't wait to be making videos for them, and possibly with them on their network. 
Also, getting to share with you my journey along the way.
So stick around, grab your cat, and let's get this party a started. 

Senior Picture Outfits! (From a photographer herself)

Goodmorning, you awesome people of the internet!

I'm spending my morning watch some good ol' Mickey Mouse Club House, because i'm cool.
But anyways, if you're looking at my blog right now, you're probably like... What the heck is going on?! I'm also thinking the same thing because I can't decide what to do with my blog design. I feel like I use to be so happy with anything that I made. Now, I make something and I JUST CAN'T BE FREAKIN' PLEASED.
I tried, I tried.
So, if you guys have any ideas for how my blog design should go, please throw them my way.
Now on to the real point of this post.
If you are reading this post you are 1. A Senior in High School about to take her senior pictures, or 2. Just nosey (jk) and wondering what i'm talking about.
If you really don't want to read all of this, I have a video down below that you can check out and stuff. I talk more about when I started photography, and talk more about it!

1. Wear a flannel. With a band shirt.

I love this look so, so, so much. It will always be one of my top favorites because it's so simple but yet it has a more fashion, trendy, look to it. Love!

2. Wear a dress. Any dress. 

To me, dresses can make any picture go from a 2 to a 10. Like BAM. Prom dress are my top favorite though, they will always have a special place in my heart. Only, because I didn't get to go to prom only but one year because poor. lol Also the fact that I would rather have taco bell than a dress. 

3. Wear green. 

Ugh.. I just think green looks amazing in pictures unless you're in front of a green screen. Ha! But really, army green looks amazing outside! If you have dark brown - black hair, I think this one would work best for you. 

4. Wear a simple white tee, converse, and shorts.

If you're feeling excited that day, throw in some prints on those clothes. In my video I show some more pictures of how this can be done!

5. Just wear something that is you!

This is the best tip I can give. Wear something that is fully, and truly you. If you like that purple lipstick, rock it! Don't let someone tell you what you can't do! 

I hope you guys enjoyed, and don't forget to check out my video to hear me ramble and show you some more pictures!   

I have a YouTube channel!?

It's true. 
I like to talk in front of a camera, which wouldn't normally make sense because photographers i've met like staying behind the camera. But nope, not me.
I've been in front of the camera since I was little, giving that my mom was a photographer also.
I was always her little model, and she was always filming me, or photographing whatever little adventure I wanted to go on that day. 

I give you a really big shout out Mom, for doing that. 
You started my love of videos, and I kinda blame you for my obsession with YouTube, because those vlogs that others post reminds me of my life growing up, and that I'm actually thankful for those pictures you took of me, even when I yelled at you and told you not to, because I'm going to have that around forever. 
I started a YouTube channel to be able to have all my favorite memories in one place. Even if it's me just talking about my favorite makeup, or doing some funny video. Also I started it to reach out to people my age and let them know there is someone as weird as them.

YouTube is my safe place. It always has been. From watching gaming videos, to makeup ones, I always was able to feel safe when watching these videos because I know there is people out there that have the safe humor, and loves as I do. 

Enough rambling though, check out my my video above if you would like to hear me ramble about my goals of 2016 instead. 

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Maybe I'll stick around this time: 2016 Goals

Well.. I'm back!

I feel like I at least say this once a month because I can't keep with the bloggin' game.
But! I am now hopefully back for awhile now.
I remember when blogging made me so happy, and writing helps me actually get my thoughts and feelings out to the world. Mostly, because I don't really talk to many people about what's going on in my life, or what I am really enjoying. To me, I am way more comfortable talking to people on the interweb through a blog, or sitting in front of a camera. I find that very odd because I feel more of myself talking to 1,000+ people instead of talking to just one.

I have many goals for this year, but overall my number one goal is to find myself.
To do things for me.
This is my year, for me.
I want to be selfish while being selfless, helping people in need, being there for the people that actually deserve it, but as being as kind as possible. But I am done, out, and over with people that either walk all over me, are there for me for with it's a good time for them, or the people that just plain out use me or don't bring any positive vibes to my life at all.

So, if I'm not bothering with you in 2016, this is my message why.

I'm sure you are a great person, i'm sure we've had some great memories together. But that doesn't cover up the fact that you are not meant to be in my life anymore. I'm sure you were brought here for a reason, a reason I will figure out one day, but right now i'm not sure why. That why I am making this year for me, to not focus on your problems, to not focus on love, to not focus on the bad things in life. This is the year I will travel more than ever, make memories that at the end of the year I wish it wouldn't end, but I will go into the next year excited to make a fresh start. I want to find me, the person that has been hiding for YEARS, but i've been to scared to actually let her shine because I feared who would judge me, or what you people would say to me. 

This year instead giving you the middle finger, I will smile and say "bless you." Then flip you off in my mind. :)

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