5 Ways to Get You Motivated

Some days I don't even want to get out of bed. It's always a struggle for me since in this past year my anxiety has moved on from just having a fear of tornados, to having a fear of everything. So, going through many jobs this year has been a struggle for me, it looks really bad on me. The truth is, is that I'm not motivated enough. I have found these 5 little things helps me get through the day, and also puts me in a way better mood then I was in before.

1. Crank up that Music
I watched a video on Facebook the other day that featured some adults, but it also had a challenge. Try to not sing along to some of your favorite songs, they thought it was going to be super easy, till that Fresh Prince of Bel-Air came on. It was almost impossible for them to stop dancing to the music, and singing along to it! I took that as a chance to play some of my favorite songs & dance along. My mood instantly went up and I felt so much more inspired and motivated then before. 

2. Watch YouTube Videos
When I say this, I mean certain ones. A YouTube video about how to boil a egg more than likely isn't going to inspire you, unless you don't know how to boil one, then maybe in that case go for it. What I'm meaning by this is watch some vlogs of some of your favorite YouTubers, see what they are doing in their day and all that they are getting done. Maybe even watching a Makeup Tutorial if that is your thing! Watch something that wants to make you get up and get done whatever you have planned. 

3. Practice, Practice, & Practice
Nobody gets where they are today with out practice. Research on Pinterest tips and tricks for whatever it is that you are wanting to learn. If you are wanting to learn how to grow your blog, search that on Pinterest. I have learnt so much on branding, growing, and so much more just from Pinterest. It helped me grow my Facebook Page for my Photography to 1000+ likes. 

4. Be Comfy, and Feel Good About it
Some people like me are the most comfortable in sweat pants, and a crop top. Some other people are the most comfy in a full on adorable outfit. Whatever works best for you, do it. You are your own person and you should do whatever makes you happy. Make your space around you the most comfortable also. Your space shouldn't stress you out when you look at it, it would make you feel inspired and proud. 

5. Get Rid of the Word "Success."
In the past year I've realized how much I hate that word. I would see all of these huge YouTubers, and I would think "Damn, they are really successful." But I didn't realize with that word I was bringing myself down, thinking that I was never going to be as successful has them. You are you, as simple as that. Get rid of your idea of success, and make it your own. If your success that day is boiling a egg perfectly, then own it. Don't think that because someone is buying their first house, that yours isn't has equally important. I'm proud of you, I suck at boiling eggs. 

Well, there you have it folks. My five ways on how to feel more motivated. I want to hear the ways that helps you feel more motivated, so comment down below and add more awesome ideas to this post! You all are awesome, and I'm so proud of all of you. 


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