I have something very very excited to share today on my blog. I’m Moving! Well, just moving houses. I’m staying in my home town but I am moving into my own home (kinda) with my boyfriend Stephen! I wanted to wait till I put the deposit down on the home before I posted on here, but we put it down on Friday & we are both very excited to take this next step in life together. The home is a 3 bedroom duplex, but it has the garage in the middle of the duplex’s so it feels like it’s own home! We both love it very very much and it’s going to be awesome to have our own office space and a big place to roam and do stupid things. Since I’m finally moving It’s going to be easier now to shoot my videos and feel motivated to write which was one of the biggest factors of us moving. I wanted a place that I could make my own, and also film and be me in. So, below are pictures of our new place! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Soon I will actually make a vlog when we move in, so watch out for that house tour!

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