Why I didn't enjoy working at Sephora (or retail.)

Every woman out there right now knows about Sephora or at least have heard about it. They bring awesome makeup products to their store by some brands that we all know and love. I love Sephora, and I always will, even though I didn't enjoy working there. I believe it takes a special kinda person to work there.

When I got called in for a interview for Sephora, I got overly excited. My boyfriend helped me practice sales skills, and interview skills. I was so excited it was unbelievable. There is so many people I knew personally that applied for Sephora and didn't even get a interview for here, and I did?! I looked at different outfits for the interview process, and was working hard for this every day. I still remember the day I interviewed; I went in around 4 pm and waited to be pulled back. It was a group interview and the two other girls were very awesome, and sweet. But I then felt very discourage because I felt like they fit the part better then me.

A few days later I got a call after calling in a few times to figure out if I got the spot or not. Then she told me I got it! I was so pumped, and ready to start. But I wasn't going to start for a couple days. I quit my other job, which I regret, because I wish I would of stayed. It's the job I truly love and enjoy. Once I started, it really started to go downhill from there.

Working at Sephora was a real experience and opened up my eyes to why people really don't like working in retail. I love people, and I love working with them, but gosh, people can get mean. I never really realized it till then. My coworkers were great, but they weren't people I could relate to, which sucks. I got hired on for how much I knew about products and my personality; but I really didn't feel like I fit in one bit with these people. 

I'm not here to bash on Sephora one bit, but i'm here to warn people that might think about working at Sephora, make sure you really want to do it. Don't work somewhere because you think it might be cool to brag to people that you work here, or don't do it if you have a gut feeling telling you not to, like I did. Sephora will always be one of my favorite places to shop, but not to work. To me personally, it's one of those places that will always be like that. 

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