Back at it.

Like seriously, Wow. 
If you would of asked me about two years ago I would still be running a blog called My Lovely, But Crazy Life! Still being horrible at writing, and acting daily like my life was perfectly fine. But it wasn't, right after my last post on there my life changed so much. I graduated high school, my dad got sick, photography was taking my life over, and every day something new was happening.
Some, I was proud for.
Some, I wasn't.
For the past 2 years I have been more stressed then I ever have in my life. You know what? It's my own fault. I didn't want to change my life, I liked the fact when people felt bad for me. It was a awful, awful, thing to do. But till recently, like this week, I realized I need to stop.
I want to be happy.
I want to be proud of the life I'm living.
The problem is, no matter how hard I try, I can never see the good things in it. So here we go, this is what is awesome in my life, I'm going to write it down, stick it on my forehead, and look at it every-freaking-day.

1. I get to do something I love everyday.
2. I'm healthy.
3. I'm free.
4. I get to travel, and see new places that some people won't ever have the chance of seeing.
5. I have family, and I have friends.
6. I have pizza and mac & cheese. Also I have mac & cheese pizza.
7. I have wifi. (This should make me the happiest person alive)
8. I make a good income.
9. The only worries I honestly have, are only the ones I keep making up in my head.
10. Finally, I have you people. I have this blog.

I am seriously SO pumped to get back in front of the computer to write out all feelings I have. I would write it out on paper, but my handwriting sucks, so theres that.
So stick around if you're reading this, even more so if you are going through what I am, because we will get through this together.
I pinky promise that. 

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