5 Ways On How To Beat The Blues

I'm blue de da da de da da de da da...

That's more than likely not how that goes, but I like to make up in my head how lyrics really should go. Today as I'm laying in bed, when I should be working (car issues), I'm really trying to fight those blues. 

See, what sucks about being really creative, it's really hard to find a job you love. I have this issue with any job I'm at, even though they are amazing jobs, I can't fall in love with them. I've been lucky and worked places that don't suck. Even my first "real" job was awesome. But I'm the kinda person that rather be filming, painting, photographing, or writing instead of doing what a lot of people in my life considers a "real" job. It's depressing, and sucks because all the things I love to do I know I can turn into a job that I love, that actually has a meaning to me, but I don't have the support from some people that I strive to get their support. 

Now to get on with the main point of this post, I have some ideas on how to beat the blues that you are going through. Whatever it is, these shall work for you (or at least I hope.)

1. Do some yoga, or if thats not your thing, sit on your floor and stuff your face with pizza.
2. Get some crystals that help you get rid of some of those bad vibes. 
3. Take a bath, this one is my favorite. 
4. Watch some cute videos, or what whatever YouTube video floats your goat as I say. 
5. Sleep it off, then wake up and get to work on things you love.

I hope these 5 little things help you. 

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