What Is Life?

I have a headache that is crazy awful which is making me think, What is life?
If you came here for something that you thought was going to be deep, you came to the wrong place. 
This is just going to be me writing about what is going on in this lovely life of mine.

1. I finally get to go back to work.
Normally people wouldn't be excited for that, but I freaking am. I get to go back and see my coworkers, I'm getting a raise, and I get to see my client. Which in my eyes is awesome as cake. 

2. I'm getting pictures done this weekend.
Homegurl, has never actually got professional pictures done. Unless we want to count my friends using my camera as pros, then I GUESS you could count that. I'm kinda scared. I'm a very picky person so I'm scared I'll be way to controlling. Oh well.

3. I need to take a break from my computer.
Even though I know this will never happen, I need it to happen because I'm sure my eyeballs are going to fall out soon.

4. I'm looking at getting a new car.
YES. I AM. I'M SO PUMPED. If everything works out as planned, I should hopefully be getting a car by my birthday, which would be a awesome birthday gift to myself.

Well there's some random things happening in my life. It actually made my headache go away to just sit and type, so thats flippin awesome. What's going on in your guys life? Let me know! 

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