Maybe I'll stick around this time: 2016 Goals

Well.. I'm back!

I feel like I at least say this once a month because I can't keep with the bloggin' game.
But! I am now hopefully back for awhile now.
I remember when blogging made me so happy, and writing helps me actually get my thoughts and feelings out to the world. Mostly, because I don't really talk to many people about what's going on in my life, or what I am really enjoying. To me, I am way more comfortable talking to people on the interweb through a blog, or sitting in front of a camera. I find that very odd because I feel more of myself talking to 1,000+ people instead of talking to just one.

I have many goals for this year, but overall my number one goal is to find myself.
To do things for me.
This is my year, for me.
I want to be selfish while being selfless, helping people in need, being there for the people that actually deserve it, but as being as kind as possible. But I am done, out, and over with people that either walk all over me, are there for me for with it's a good time for them, or the people that just plain out use me or don't bring any positive vibes to my life at all.

So, if I'm not bothering with you in 2016, this is my message why.

I'm sure you are a great person, i'm sure we've had some great memories together. But that doesn't cover up the fact that you are not meant to be in my life anymore. I'm sure you were brought here for a reason, a reason I will figure out one day, but right now i'm not sure why. That why I am making this year for me, to not focus on your problems, to not focus on love, to not focus on the bad things in life. This is the year I will travel more than ever, make memories that at the end of the year I wish it wouldn't end, but I will go into the next year excited to make a fresh start. I want to find me, the person that has been hiding for YEARS, but i've been to scared to actually let her shine because I feared who would judge me, or what you people would say to me. 

This year instead giving you the middle finger, I will smile and say "bless you." Then flip you off in my mind. :)

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