I have a YouTube channel!?

It's true. 
I like to talk in front of a camera, which wouldn't normally make sense because photographers i've met like staying behind the camera. But nope, not me.
I've been in front of the camera since I was little, giving that my mom was a photographer also.
I was always her little model, and she was always filming me, or photographing whatever little adventure I wanted to go on that day. 

I give you a really big shout out Mom, for doing that. 
You started my love of videos, and I kinda blame you for my obsession with YouTube, because those vlogs that others post reminds me of my life growing up, and that I'm actually thankful for those pictures you took of me, even when I yelled at you and told you not to, because I'm going to have that around forever. 
I started a YouTube channel to be able to have all my favorite memories in one place. Even if it's me just talking about my favorite makeup, or doing some funny video. Also I started it to reach out to people my age and let them know there is someone as weird as them.

YouTube is my safe place. It always has been. From watching gaming videos, to makeup ones, I always was able to feel safe when watching these videos because I know there is people out there that have the safe humor, and loves as I do. 

Enough rambling though, check out my my video above if you would like to hear me ramble about my goals of 2016 instead. 

Mingle 240

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