Senior Picture Outfits! (From a photographer herself)

Goodmorning, you awesome people of the internet!

I'm spending my morning watch some good ol' Mickey Mouse Club House, because i'm cool.
But anyways, if you're looking at my blog right now, you're probably like... What the heck is going on?! I'm also thinking the same thing because I can't decide what to do with my blog design. I feel like I use to be so happy with anything that I made. Now, I make something and I JUST CAN'T BE FREAKIN' PLEASED.
I tried, I tried.
So, if you guys have any ideas for how my blog design should go, please throw them my way.
Now on to the real point of this post.
If you are reading this post you are 1. A Senior in High School about to take her senior pictures, or 2. Just nosey (jk) and wondering what i'm talking about.
If you really don't want to read all of this, I have a video down below that you can check out and stuff. I talk more about when I started photography, and talk more about it!

1. Wear a flannel. With a band shirt.

I love this look so, so, so much. It will always be one of my top favorites because it's so simple but yet it has a more fashion, trendy, look to it. Love!

2. Wear a dress. Any dress. 

To me, dresses can make any picture go from a 2 to a 10. Like BAM. Prom dress are my top favorite though, they will always have a special place in my heart. Only, because I didn't get to go to prom only but one year because poor. lol Also the fact that I would rather have taco bell than a dress. 

3. Wear green. 

Ugh.. I just think green looks amazing in pictures unless you're in front of a green screen. Ha! But really, army green looks amazing outside! If you have dark brown - black hair, I think this one would work best for you. 

4. Wear a simple white tee, converse, and shorts.

If you're feeling excited that day, throw in some prints on those clothes. In my video I show some more pictures of how this can be done!

5. Just wear something that is you!

This is the best tip I can give. Wear something that is fully, and truly you. If you like that purple lipstick, rock it! Don't let someone tell you what you can't do! 

I hope you guys enjoyed, and don't forget to check out my video to hear me ramble and show you some more pictures!   

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